About us

With over twenty years of display firing experience, Vulcan has a reputation for putting extra effort and materials into its displays in order to achieve a result that is both safe and spectacular – and also competitively priced.

We fire at stately homes, heritage sites and National Trust properties, as well as at schools, sports clubs, recreation grounds and parks, producing stunning displays for public, corporate and private events. Many are carefully synchronised to live music programmes, with fireworks carefully chosen to enhance and complement, rather than compete with the music.

Every Vulcan firework display is breathtakingly unique, crafted to suit each event, venue, budget and audience. The attention to detail shown by our display design team, backed up by experienced firing crews, will ensure guests, spectators and sponsors are guaranteed a truly memorable experience.

Our displays encompass a wide range of budgets and events – corporate extravaganzas, concerts, weddings and anniversaries, November bonfires and public spectaculars.

Aswell as “conventional” fireworks, we can also provide daylight displays, aquatics (water fireworks), indoor and arena (close proximity) effects. And with noise nuisance increasingly an issue, we are now able to provide reduced-noise displays at sensitive sites.

Our quotations are fully inclusive of labour, materials, transport and £5 million minimum comprehensive insurance cover.

We always carry out a free pre-display site visit and risk assessment for new sites and, if required, can assist with event site planning to ensure optimum safety in respect of the fireworks. We can also help liase with event licensing authorities and other organisations where notifications may be required.

Our fireworks are imported, stored, packaged, transported and insured in full compliance with current legislation under the supervision of our own Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser. All our personnel are trained in the correct handling and operational procedures and our firing crews have passed the BPA display operators exams.

We try to ensure that the fireworks used in our display are as environmentally friendly as possible, discharging the minimum of plastic, metal or other non-biodegradable debris. Following a display, our crews remove discharged material and large debris from sites as a matter of course, and will attempt to leave them in good a condition as they found them – and sometimes even better!

Through our trading partners, we also provide many other event services, including Sound, Lighting, Stages, Power Distribution etc.

Please contact us with your requirements.