Vulcan Fireworks has been a pioneering force behind the art of the choreography of fireworks to music throughout the decades. We were the first company, and as far as we are aware, the only firework display team to fire live displays written to musical score. There is no digital time clock, just a very talented musician who effectively plays ‘the fireworks’

Fireworks to musicWe can design a display that is packed full of new and original ideas with unique contemporary effects firing to music that you choose. Be it recorded or live, the display will be one of the most accurate and exhilarating you will ever see, every event being individual and memorable.

Using the very latest in design and firing technology plus our 25 years of professional display experience and musical choreography, we create unbelievably accurate display choreography. Providing displays for public events, corporate launches, weddings and private events you can be assured that we will treat your display with the care and individuality that it deserves.

pyromusical fireworks

If you want to know more about the costs of having a professional firework display then contact our sales team who will be able to provide details of our packages and provide you with a free quotation.